Good Old Stuff
3:00  Eastern
Wednesday APRIL 14th

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White painted vintage punched tin Paul Revere lantern.

Single board 18th century New England Tavern Table: scrub top, red
painted base, pegged construction.   $ 575

18th century Chippendale side chair with Spanish feet. $100

Red ware Turk's cap mold 19th century 8 inches across 
​19th century splayed leg child's New England highchair.

white painted old step stool  $55  

19th century red ware pitcher with green glaze around neck.   $125.

18th century worn red ware handled pot. $95

Pair of pilgrim style chairs. Great carved crest. Beginning banister back influence. Seat can easily be reupholstered. $425
Pair of 19th century oil on canvas portraits  $485
2 pair of hand knitted woolen mittens
Early 20th century pony hide wallet with compartments $95

Old egg scale with great colors.      
18th century ladder back chair.        $145

Pair of mid 19th century arrow back plank seat chairs 
  in old oyster white paint.       $110 

19th century Shaker table Mat. 27 inches long.    $165

19th C. Portrait, oil on canvas of a woman.

Oil on canvas 19th century portraits of man and wife, unusual brown background  

Early 19th century dry sink in original red, with fabulous dry
surface oversized dovetailed top...(some repair to back feet and back)

Two 18th century small copper saucepans. One dovetailed $85 each

19th century 7 inch deep rye straw basket.  

18th century treen container with wooden bands.  $145

Early turned treen container,12 inches tall.
Sap bucket in original black paint.   $68

17th century Bible box with carved front and sides with fabulous
butterfly hinges       $875

 FOUR  18th century pewter plates, great age and wear.    $150
THREE hard to find shallow pewter  bowls wonderful dark patina, age & ware    $135
Nice larger old pewter bowl.      $125
Large 18th century pewter charger.       $135
TWO pewter flagons rounder one $150 other $120
Pewter mug     Sold

19th century step back cupboard old cream colored paint over original
blue (some wear on the bottom sides)  $850
Old country store scales.    $95

20th century 7 drawer wall hanging spice box in original red

Wall shelf with drawer    $165

Primitive square nailed open faced pine cupboard.

Wooden handled pantry box dark red surface  

Hard to find a 13 inch larger 1800's wooden barn lantern.

18 inch beehive bowl originally blue paint old refinish.   $295

Beautiful 1800's table mat in muted colors.  $185

11 inch 18th century deep pewter bowl initials on the underneath $145

The absolute best!!! Worn, primitive 1800's horse.
The ultimate primitive. Love it!    $450

Red painted 18th century ladder back chairs.   $145.